and we're off!

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off to montreal!


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GUH. i need this outfit now.


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i can now understand why so many of the blogs i follow only update once or twice a week, because, unfortunately, with everything going on here at school it's hard to keep up. maybe once it stops feeling like negative degrees outside i'll begin caring what i wear again...


am i being completely dense? or is this girl someone that i shouldn't know?


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back at school.
currently 19 degrees outside.
it's a wonderful day.


...and on we go.

thanks to the diy by behind the seams, a sweater, and some tulle, i've finally completed my alexander wang sweater! its very comfortable, minus the tulle that i had to use thanks to a lacking fabric department at the three arts and crafts stores i visted searching for a sheer fabric. oh well, the tulle worked out nicely for the most part. now my only concern is how to wash it...


I am an admitted award show junkie. Not as much for the awards (because yes, to a degree the awards are Hollywood's homage to...itself), but for the rare spectacular performance, which, when recognized, are worthy. For example, Sally Hawkins won, as of ten minutes ago, the award for her performance Happy-Go-Lucky and she was visibly grateful. I've been lucky enough to have been present at several award shows, and my parents have gone to even more than me, so I can say: I love the glamour, the buzz, the (sometimes) passion. And on that note...

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I fall in love with her more and more. Particularly since she is no longer directly channeling Dita von Teese. edit: just found out that her outfit is by Elie Saab and Neil Lane.