joshua radin.
folksy, acoustic, lovely. a little smoother and quieter than ben lee, which is a nice variation. it's kind of making me sleepy though. recommended for everyone, even if it's only for music to sleep to. will change the music to jr as soon as i regain some energy.

But I look at you, warm in your dream
While your mobile dances above
And I think to myself
It's a beautiful night
And I know everything
Is gonna be alright
Yes now I know
It'll be alright
- everything'll be alright (will's lullaby)
by joshua radin


source: the fashion spot

without any hesitation i will say that i am a huge advocate of glitter when it is used in appropriate amounts and placement. this eye makeup (a la PFW) is right up my alley. now, if i have the gall to wear it out to a party full of complete strangers is a good question.


source: the selby

i want my own apartment.


source: fakingfashion.

georgia frost in A4. photographed by candace meyer.
so beautiful. in particular, the lighting is beyond words.


source: the cobrasnake

i'm slightly in love with her belt.


dress: issa
shoes: balenciaga
bag: alexander mcqueen

with a pair of opaque black tights? hmmm.


source: google

yahoo headline:
candy canes fight germs.
random fact to cheer up a somewhat dull sunday night.


“Keep things in perspective and not sweat the small stuff. I always try to focus on the big picture and remember if my family is happy and healthy, nothing is worth getting too stressed about.”
Tory Burch, designer
source: style.com


this post is in no precise manner related to fashion. i realize that. but.

i honestly couldn't care about her personality or her relationship with brangelina.
i personally like her face, but it is hard to deny that her body is epic.
how old is she? 40? almost forty? do not care. gushhhh.


source: thefashionspot

as much as i despise the leggings as pants thing, the leather leggings as pants trend is growing on me. particularly here. quite intimidating non?


source: the cobrasnake.

i miss going out with my friends.
its only been two weeks, but it feels like much longer.
here's hoping for new years?


source: flikr.

there's something so peaceful about grocery shopping. maybe it's just me but I find that a lot can be understood by someone's manner of grocery shopping. Methodical people, like myself, slowly pace each aisle and display, while others dash between aisles in search of their predetermined shopping list.

this might be a sign that i need to get out more often.


  • two dresses from gojane
  • shoes from payless
  • camera tripod
  • rock band (dorky. yes.)
  • mamma mia! (again. dorky.)
  • various clothing.

  • cash. lots of cash.


source: olsen files.

outtakes from the olsen's influence photoshoot.
i still kind of want the book. kind of not. one of my friends should have gotten it for christmas.
maybe i'll try and steal a look at it. or it as a whole.


clearly I cannot fall asleep. i feel like a little kid.
instead i played around with my camera that is clearly losing battery, and i'm afraid that I left my battery charger at school. boo. it'll have to be put away until i feel like completely draining the battery. so sad. in the meanwhile:

my christmas eve present! or at least one of them. i also got a pair of silver heels, about 4 inches, also from payless. a wonderful present from myself, paid for by my parents.

christmas tree, fireplace, and mantel. so christmassy.

and now just because i'm bored and fooling around.


source: style.com

it's not even christmas day yet, and I'm already doing unnecessary window shopping.
etername spring 09. white gold and diamond.
wishful lusting.


source: the cobrasnake

merry christmas eve!