As modren society moves forward, I have begun to find hope and faith in U.S. culture when just when I had almost given up hope (in all honestly who did not begin to doubt the sanity of the general public after Bush was reelected? but moving on). On the brink of a true economic meltdown, with Frannie and Freddy in a state of mind that could only be described as suicidal, American citizens elected Obama as the 43rd President, restoring so much hope for the future. His performance is yet to be seen, obviously, so I hesitate in stating that "all is better now", nor do I think that I would ever be able to say that, but I am glad to see that the US is taking a big leap towards freedom for everyone. However, after watching McCain's concession speech (and watching Sarah Palin cry), I can only assume that the conservative citizens of the United States are something a little more than "upset". "Infuriated" is probably the best assessment. Thus, as an imagined retaliation to the nation's rejection of McCain, Urban Outfitters, led by stauch conservative and manipulative chairman Richard Hayne, has decidedly taken over one of the most beautiful New York City landmarks: the Metro Theatre. This new location is sure to attract thousands upon thousands of would-be urban hipsters looking to soak up as much liberal paraphanelia they possibly can, without realizing that every dollar they spend at Urban Outfitters is another dollar that Richard Hayne could, and probably will at some point, donate towards conservative political leaders and parties. Ignoring the fact that UO is, for the most part, an overpriced and overhyped illusion of "going against the norm", the fact that Richard Hayne is taking money from young and liberal shoppers and donating it instead to political activists who see homosexuality as a demented for of incest, a la Rick Santorum, is disturbing and sad. Unfortunatly, as long as UO continues producing clothes that are available and favorable to the public Richard Hayne and the conservatives of the United Sates are making progress. This cannot lead to anything good.

phew. if i really put some time into this i think that it would be a little more factual and a little less, um, biased, but i really wanted to get something down on paper. this is something i've been wanting to blog about for a while, so for now it'll have to do. but it is true: UO has officially taken ownership over the Metro Theatre, which, coming from a native New Yorker, is a very sad thing. Not that urban is particularly ugly or anything, but i guess it would have been so much better had it stayed a movie theatre. oh well. i guess life moves on.

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